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the official website of the ACRS certification scheme for construction steels. We deliver confidence in steel materials supply through: 

Independent, Expert, Third Party
ustralasian Standards
ertification & Verification of
einforcing, Prestressing &
tructural Steels

of manufacturers and suppliers worldwide, on behalf of the construction industry.

What is ACRS?

The Australasian Certification Authority for Reinforcing and Structural Steels (“ACRS”) administers a not-for-profit, independent, expert, third-party product certification scheme certifying manufacturers and suppliers of reinforcing, prestressing and structural steels to Australian and New Zealand Standards.

ACRS is supported and endorsed by member companies ranging across engineering, inspection, manufacture, government, and importantly, customer bodies.

ACRS was formed by industry in 2000, using an internationally recognised model for steel certification established in UK 30 years ago. ACRS is structured around the requirements of the international Standard for bodies operating product certification systems, ISO/IEC 17065.

ACRS currently certifies over 150 manufacturing locations, in 17 countries around the world, and has undertaken more than 1000 technical conformity assessments to AS/NZS steel Standards.

Our mission:
"The continued manufacture and supply of reliable, safe, consistent quality reinforcing,  prestressing and structural steels to Australian/New Zealand Standards".  


Why is ACRS necessary?

Reinforcing, prestressing and structural steels steels have arrived on construction sites that fail to meet the minimum requirements of the applicable AS/NZS Standards.  Non-complying materials have been shown to result in project delays (for instance, requiring additional testing), cause consequential costs to involved parties (for instance, requiring substantial redesign) and even ended in court cases. Some of the problems identified are:

  1. Inadequate product traceability
    All construction steels supplied to AS/NZS Standards are required to be accompanied by documentation that attests to the compliance of those materials to the stated materials Standard. However, in some cases the documentation, including test certificates, delivery certificates and bundle tags, have:
    • not displayed all the information required by the AS/NZS Standard of supply
    • not been in English
    • indicated supply to a Standard other than the applicable AS/NZS Standard
    • been supplied late, even after installation of materials
  2. Misleading and false supporting documentation
    Test certificates have been used to represent materials other than those from which the original test samples were taken. In some cases test certificates have:
    • been used fraudulently to represent materials from batches of material other than those from which the original test samples were taken, or;
    • been altered fraudulently to represent materials that did not in fact comply with the stated Standard, or;
    • been used fraudulently to represent materials from suppliers other than those stated on the certificate
  3. Excessive variation in materials properties
    AS/NZ Standards limit variation in materials properties from the expected figures. In some cases materials have been supplied that exceed the stated limits and may not meet the applicable Standard;

  4. Inappropriate product markings
    In AS/NZS Standards, some materials are required to display unique markings which identify the mill of manufacture. In some cases, manufacturer identification markings on materials have:
    • been used by one mill that are similar, or even identical to those in use by another mill for similar products;
    • been used for materials of similar appearance, but of different grades to the AS/NZS Standard, or with different metallurgical properties and intended for supply to a Standard other than an AS/NZS Standard;
    • not been in accordance with the minimum requirements of the applicable AS/NZS Standard to enable proper identification to be made.

How does ACRS Certification benefit the construction industry?

Quite simply, ACRS certification reduces the risk of buying and using steel which does not meet minimum requirements, and enables feedback and corrective action in case problems arise. Major construction clients, designers and contractors, worldwide, recognise and even specify ACRS and it's Product Certification Scheme to confirm the the technical competence of suppliers and gain assurance of consistent product quality.

The benefits for specifiers, inspectors and customers from checking that steel suppliers use ACRS certified products include:

  1. Independently and expertly assessed compliance and fitness for purpose of construction steels to AS/NZS Standards, irrespective of origin of material, enables procurement choices to be made on technical equivalence and not simply cost;
  2. Overseas experience shows independent certification neither affects the availability nor competitive price levels delivering confidence in delivery of conforming steels at no additional cost;
  3. Preservation of Australia's and New Zealand's world-class construction technologies enables industry to utilise the most effective construction methods;
  4. Preventing reintroduction of site inspection and testing reduces time and cost to builders and inspectors;
  5. Removes the need for customers and certifiers to check every supplier test certificate.

The benefits for suppliers holding ACRS certification, include:

  1. Process and materials benchmarked to appropriate Standards confirms certificate holder’s quality systems are both functional and appropriate for the Standard concerned;
  2. Reduced compliance costs for projects requiring certified materials, as there is no need to provide additional, specific product information for every project delivery;
  3. External recognition of the supplier's capabilities to consistently produce conforming products;
  4. Ability for the supplier to compete on a level playing field with other certified firms and differentiate the certified firm in the minds of customers from non-certified firms;
  5. Sharing the benefits of ACRS promotion of the ACRS 'Mark'  as ACRS is internationally recognised as the means of showing conformity to AS/NZS steel Standards.

The ACRS Mark

An important point to emphasise is that ACRS is voluntary and inclusive of imported steel. Our goal is simply to ensure that construction steels are quality-approved materials, meeting Australian and New Zealand Standards, and thereby maintaining confidence in infrastructure and building construction.  For further information, please see ACRS Marks of conformity.

Why choose ACRS as your Product Certification Body?

Having invested so much in good Product Certification, it's essential that the market entrusts assessment to a Product Certification Body that understands the product and its supply chain. 

Achieving ACRS Product Certification requires considerable effort and commitment from a manufacturer. By achieving ACRS Product Certification the manufacturer, his customers and structure owners will have the confidence that comes from knowing ACRS Certified Firms are strictly monitored throughout each year and periodically assessed by specialised ACRS assessors. ACRS approval is the beginning to improved process and business performance, as well as a credible supply chain.

ACRS Certified Firms have the opportunity to benefit from ACRS' own, continuing publicity programme and perhaps to take part in joint promotional campaigns. ACRS provides free marketing support to promote successful approval and allows manufacturers to display the ACRS Mark on publicity and stationery. In order to assist steel users as well as steel manufacturers, ACRS will be pleased to provide speakers for internal or external seminars, conferences and meetings.

All ACRS Certified Firms, and their scopes of approval are automatically included in the "Certificate Holders" section of this web site.


ACRS welcomes comment and feedback from the construction industry to ensure that its programme is relevant, focused and continues to meet the needs of participants and users.

Be safe - Be Sure. Insist on ACRS Approved Products!

 The Australasian Certification Authority for Reinforcing and Structural Steels



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