ACRS Certification AS/NZS 4671 2001 or AS/NZS 4671 2019?



The recent release of AS/NZS 4671:2019 and its product requirements has caused some confusion in the marketplace over whether the 2001 edition of AS/NZS 4671 remains valid, or whether the 2019 edition must apply to any supply delivered under ACRS certification.

Significant volumes of product manufactured and processed to AS/NZS 4671:2001 by ACRS certificate holders will remain in the supply chain for some time to come, both from production prior to the release of the 2019 edition and from new production as AS/NZS 4671:2001 whilst superseded is not yet withdrawn and remains a valid Standard. It would be therefore be premature of ACRS to replace certification to AS/NZS 4671:2001 with certification only to AS/NZS 4671: 2019.

ACRS is JAS-ANZ accredited to certify to both AS/NZS 4671:2001 and AS/NZS 4671: 2019 and ACRS will continue to issue certificates to the 2001 edition as ACRS certified suppliers’ transition to the 2019 edition. ACRS will issue certificates to AS/NZS 4671: 2019 progressively as suppliers complete their transition.

ACRS certificates referencing AS/NZS 4671:2001 therefore remain valid for materials supplied to the 2001 edition, and steel specifiers, steel users, and approvals bodies can continue to rely on materials supplied under these certificates.

Where AS/NZS 4671: 2019 is a requirement, please refer to the supplier’s certificate to confirm its scope of ACRS certification includes AS/NZS 4671: 2019.

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